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  • What is Server?
  • Client and Server Operating System
  • What are Workgroup and Domain?
  • How a Workgroup Environment is created
  • How a Domain Environment is created
  • Difference between Workgroup and Domain
  • Types of Role in Server
  • Overview of VMware Workstation
  • Creation of Server in VMware Workstation


  • Understanding of Active Directory(AD) Service
  • Understanding of Domain Name System (DNS) Service
  • Check the Port Numbers related to Service
  • Troubleshooting using Ping and Telnet
  • Installing of Active Directory (AD) Service in Server
  • Creation of Domain Controller (DC)
  • Joining a PC to Domain Environment
  • Checking the health of Active Directory Service (AD)
  • Understanding services of Active Directory (AD)
  • Creation of Users & Group in Active Directory (AD)
  • Adding Users in the group in Active Directory (AD)


  • NTFS Permission(Share & Security)
  • Configuring Read/Write/Modify & Special Permission
  • Understanding Explicit & Inherited Permission
  • Configuring Access Based Enumeration (ABE)
  • Configuring Shadow Copies & Home Folder
  • Installation of FSRM (File Server Resource Manager)
  • Applying Soft & Hard Quota on Folder
  • Applying File Screening on Folder


  • Need of Group Policy & How Group Policy Works
  • User Policy & Computer Policy
  • Default Domain Policy & Default Domain Controller Policy
  • Group Policy Order and Precedence
  • Configuring Recycle Bin Policy & Wallpaper Policy
  • Configuring Audio Policy & Screen Saver Policy
  • Benefits of Organization Unit (OU) & Creation of OU
  • Blocking Inheritance & Enforce Policy
  • Software Installation using Group Policy
  • Group Policy Backup & Restore
  • Prevent Policy Application using WMI Filter
  • Domain Password Policy & Fine Grain Password Policy
  • Configure Password Length, History & Complexity
  • Account Lock Policy and Account Lock Troubleshooting
  • Delegate access to User/Group for User Management
  • Performing Mapped Drive using Group Policy
  • Group Policy Troubleshooting steps


  • Need of Additional Domain Controller(ADC) & Creation of ADC
  • Multi-Master Replication between DC & ADC
  • Understanding of RODC (Read-Only Domain Controller)
  • Replication between DC & ADC
  • Checking ADC when DC is down
  • Creation of Site & Subnet
  • Understanding of Replication Schedule
  • Replication between Domain Controllers (DC & ADC)
  • Intra-Site & Inter-Site Replication
  • Understanding of IFM (Install from Media)
  • Working of KCC & Selection of Bridgehead Server


  • Importance of Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) Roles
  • Understanding Forest level and Domain Level Roles
  • Deep Dive into the working of each Role
  • Perform Transfer of Schema Master, DNM Master
  • Perform Transfer of RID, PDC, Infra Master Operations
  • Impact on Domain when Role Holder DC is down
  • Perform FSMO Role Seizure
  • Active Directory Database Partition
  • Understanding of Schema & Configuration Partition
  • Understanding of Domain & Application Partition


  • Need of Child Domain & Creation of Child Domain
  • Understanding of Multi-Domain Environments
  • Adding New Domain to Existing Forest
  • Understanding DNS Delegation & Forwarders
  • Understanding of Multi-Forest Environments
  • Creation of Trust between 2 Forest
  • Type of Trust and Nature of Trust
  • Type of Groups in Active Directory
  • Security & Distribution Group
  • Global, Domain Local & Universal Group
  • Understanding of Global Catalog Server


  • Need of DNS & Active Directory Integrated DNS
  • Host File, DNS Cache & DNS Zone
  • DNS Forwarders, Delegation & Conditional Forwarders
  • DNS A record, SRV Record, CNAME Record
  • Recovering Active Directory from Disaster
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • System State Backup of Domain Controller


  • Installing DFS Role on the Server
  • DFS Namespace & Replication
  • How SYSVOL Replication Works
  • Installing DHCP Role on the Server
  • How DHCP Works
  • Understanding of APIPA & DORA Process
  • Configure Scope, Exclusion, Lease, Reservation in DHCP
  • Installing Windows Deployment Service (WDS) Role
  • Configure Boot Image & Install Image
  • Deployment of Operating System via Network (PXE Boot)
  • Understanding of Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)


  • Installing IIS Role on the Server
  • Creation of Website
  • Performing DNS Round Robin
  • Installing NLB and Creation of Load Balancer
  • Need of Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)
  • Configure RAID 0 - Stripping, RAID 1 – Mirroring, RAID 5 - Strip Parity
  • Understanding RAID 10 - Strip Mirror
  • Understanding & Need of Virtualization Technologies


  • Need of Failover Cluster
  • Installing Failover Cluster (FOC) Role on the Server
  • Creation of SAN & ISCSI Disk
  • Perform Failover Cluster
  • Installing Active Directory Certificate Service (ADCS) Role on the Server
  • Creation of Certificate Server
  • Enterprise & Standalone CA
  • Creation of Domain Certificate using CA
  • Applying Certificate to the Webserver


  • Understand the Need for Migration
  • Migrate Active Directory Domain from 2012 to 2016
  • Perform the Check after Successful Migration
  • Upgrade Forest & Domain Functional Levels
  • Resume Preparation and Interview Preparation Techniques
  • Download Server Administration Syllabus
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    • Operating system administrator
    Server Administration internship jobs in Dubai

    Server Administration Internship/Course Details

    Server Administration . The course offers a hands-on approach to learning. The syllabus was created with the idea of achieving career objectives in mind. This course covers a variety of passive and active approaches for avoiding security flaws and protecting sensitive data. Centralized control, easier file handling, easy backup and recovery, security, and scalability are all advantages of server administration. We've created a comprehensive course to suit the work requirements. Server administrators are in charge of monitoring data traffic in and out of the network as well as network security. Server testing is an essential component of every operational computer network, particularly in today's businesses. When it comes to completing your administrative chores, the trainers will provide you with all of the bpracticesises and tips. This online server administration training course will teach you how to use Windows Server to manage and maintain servers.

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    The enviable salary packages and track record of our previous students are the proof of our excellence. Please go through our students' reviews about our training methods and faculty and compare it to the recorded video classes that most of the other institutes offer. See for yourself how TechnoMaster is truly unique.

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    • At public universities in Dubai, the medium of preparation is Arabic, with emphasis on English as a 2d language, even as nearly all non-public universities in Dubai train in English At Undergraduate ranges: Business, Management, Accounting, Finance, Human assets management, Hospitality Management, Tourism, Psychology with counselling, Global social science, Advertising public family members Media, Business records structures, Information technology, Early formative years training, Fashion designing, civil engineering. Shopaholics from the farthest reaches of the sector visit Dubai for splurging to their heart's content material. Parttime packages can soak up to five years; however, a few acThe normal instructional 12 months consists of semesters, even though a few elevated packages use a three- semester device with relatively compressed schedules. Unfortunately, the deck is now closed to tourists. celerated component time packages may be finished in as low as one 12 months. • Rainfall in Dubai is rare and does now no longer remaining for a protracted length. • Most master`s tiers require 1-2 years to finish with complete time attendance. • Learning is relatively cheaper.  For admission to packages aside from an MBA, one wishes bachelor's diploma alongside with TOEL or IELTS. Tuition varies broadly on the worldwide universities relying upon faculty and form of master`s application.

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