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Node JS - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Module 1: Introduction to Node.js

  • What is Node.js
  • Features of Node.js
  • Concept
  • Where to fit and not fit
  • Event-Driven programming style
  • What is Asynchronous

Module 2: Installation / Setup

  • Local environment setup
  • Node.js runtime
  • Download source code
  • Installation on OS
  • Verify

Module 3: Node Package Manager

  • Install module by NPM
  • Global vs Local setup
  • Update Module
  • CRUD Module

Module 4: Express Framework

  • What is Express
  • Setup Express
  • Request And Response
  • Handling Routes
  • Route Middleware
  • Objects
  • Cookies Management
  • File upload
  • HTTP methods

Module 5: Buffers and Streams

  • What is buffers and Streams
  • Benefit of Streams over buffers
  • Create / Write / Read operation on Buffers
  • Process on Buffers
  • Read / Write data by Streams
  • Pipeline
  • Chaining Stream

Module 7: REST API

  • RESTful Architecture
  • HTTP URI and Methods
  • RESTful web services
  • Expose solution as API
  • Best practice for REST API solution

Module 8: Callback

  • What is Callback
  • Benefit of Callback
  • Asynchronous communications
  • Block and Non-Blocking
  • Standard Callback pattern
  • Async Flow control Library
  • Executing in parallel

Module 9: Events

  • What is Events
  • Events types
  • Event Emitter API
  • Multiple event listeners
  • Event emitter pattern
  • Class methods
  • Event Loop
  • Blocking Event Loop
  • Escaping Event Loop

Module 10: Connecting with Database

  • Introduction of MySQL
  • Connect with MySQL
  • Introduction of MongoDB
  • Features of MongoDB
  • Connect with MongoDB
  • Defining a schema
  • Defining a Model

Module 11: External Processes and Services

  • What is processes
  • Spawning Child process
  • Create and kill processes
  • Building with HTTP Severs
  • HTTP requests
  • Secure HTTP Server

Module 12: External Processes and Services

  • Using Test Runner
  • Using Assertion Testing Module
  • Built-in Debugger
  • Console log
  • Node Inspector

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Node JS Jobs in Abu Dhabi

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Find jobs related to Node JS in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and recruitment websites (monsterindia, placementindia, naukri,,, etc.) based in Abu Dhabi, chennai and europe countries. You can find many jobs for freshers related to the job positions in Abu Dhabi.

  • Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Node.js Developer
  • Technical Lead
  • Digital Software Analyst
  • Back End Developer
  • Web Developer Intern
  • NodeJS Trainer
Node JS internship jobs in Abu Dhabi

Node JS Internship/Course Details

Node JS js has a huge chance these days and tomorrow. js are usually preferred. js. js is an open-source platform also, that may increase flexibility that help in building real-time network applications. js you're able to execute multiple actions at the same time. js services are becoming more popular, in order that they need one thing new all the time. As well, recruiting people with proficient skills can be a valuable matter for a replacement company, thus programmers who will use Node. For the most part, a freshman managing advanced platforms will be confusing and discouraging, particularly when they demand a lot of work and previous data of package development, even to be told the fundamentals. Node Package Manager (NPM) is one of the world’s prime package registries. .

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