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Module 1: Basics of Java

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Features of Java
  • Types of Java Application
  • Difference between JVM,JRE and JDK
  • Simple Java Program
  • Variables and Data types
  • Methods-Declaration, definition and Calling
  • Packages
  • Access modifiers
  • Reading from Console using Scanner
  • Java Arrays
  • Operators and Operator precedence
  • Conditional and Looping Statements
  • Basic Java Programs

Module 2: String Handling in Java

  • String class Introduction
  • Immutable String
  • Methods of String Class
  • String Comparison
  • String Concatenation
  • String Buffer Class
  • String Builder Class
  • Mutable String
  • toString method

Module 3: Wrapper Classes

  • Wrapper classes
  • Autoboxing
  • Unboxing

Module 4: OOPS Concepts

  • OOPs Concepts Introduction
  • Object and class
  • Static keyword
  • Constructor
  • this keyword
  • Inheritance
  • Aggregation and Composition
  • super Keyword
  • Interface
  • Polymorphism

Module 5: Exception Handling

  • Exception Handling Introduction
  • try and catch block
  • Multiple catch block
  • Nested try
  • finally block
  • throw keyword
  • throws keyword
  • Exception Handling with Method Overriding
  • Custom Exception

Module 6: Multithreading

  • Multi threading Introduction
  • Multi threading vs Multiprocessing
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • Creating a Thread
  • Thread Class
  • Runnable Interface
  • Thread class methods
  • Thread Scheduler
  • Thread Priority
  • Daemon Thread
  • Thread Pooling
  • Thread Group
  • Performing multiple task by multiple thread

Module 7: Synchronization

  • What is Synchronization and Why?
  • Synchronized method
  • Synchronized block
  • Static synchronization
  • Deadlock

Module 8: Garbage Collection

  • What is garbage collection?
  • finalize method

Module 9: AWT and Event Handling

  • AWT Controls
  • Event Handling by 3 ways
  • Event classes and Listener Interfaces
  • Adapter classes

Module 10: Layout Managers

  • Basics of Swing
  • Swing features
  • Advantages of swing over AWT
  • Swing Components
  • Digital Watch
  • Graphics in swing
  • Displaying Image
  • Open Dialog Box
  • Drawing paintings
  • Creating applications

Module 11: Applet

  • Applet features
  • Life Cycle of Applet
  • Graphics in Applet
  • Displaying image in Applet
  • Animation in Applet
  • Event Handling in Applet
  • J Applet class
  • Painting in Applet
  • Creating Animations

Module 12: Collection

  • Collection Framework
  • Array List class
  • Linked List class
  • List Iterator interface
  • Hash Set class
  • Linked Hash Set class
  • Tree Set class
  • Priority Queue class
  • Map interface
  • Hash Map class
  • Linked Hash Map class
  • Tree Map class
  • Hash table class

Module 13: Java Updated Features

  • Functional Interface and Lambda Expression
  • Java Stream API for Bulk Data Operations on Collections
  • Java Time API

Module 14: SQL

  • Introduction
  • Basic SQL Queries
  • DDL,DML and DCL
  • Aggregation in SQL
  • Joining tables
  • Subqueries

Module 15: JDBC

  • JDBC Drivers
  • Steps to connect to the database
  • Connectivity with Oracle, MySQL and Access
  • Driver Manager
  • Connection interface
  • Statement interface
  • Result Set interface
  • Prepared Statement
  • JDBC New Features
  • Mini Project using swing and JDBC

Module 16: Web Technology


  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Tags
  • Lists
  • Forms creation
  • Creating tables
  • Managing home page


  • Introduction to CSS
  • Three ways to use CSS
  • CSS selectors
  • CSS Properties
  • Designing website


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Syntax
  • Three ways to use JavaScript
  • Variables
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Conditional and Looping Statements
  • Functions
  • Working with events
  • Client-side Validation


  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQuery syntax
  • Example program
  • jQuery selectors
  • jQuery Effects
  • jQuery Events
  • Validation using jQuery
  • jQuery Forms
  • jQuery Examples


  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Servlet and JSP with AJAX
  • Interacting with database

Module 17: Server Side Programming

  • Servlet
  • Servlet introduction
  • Basics of Web
  • Servlet vs CGI
  • Servlet API
  • Servlet Interface
  • Generic Servlet
  • Http Servlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • How servlet works?
  • Servlet Request
  • Servlet Request methods
  • Registration example with DB
  • Request Dispatcher
  • send Redirect
  • Servlet Config
  • Servlet Config methods
  • Attribute
  • Session Tracking
  • URL Rewriting
  • HTTP Session
  • JSP
  • Basics of JSP
  • Life cycle of JSP
  • Scripting elements
  • scriptlet tag
  • expression tag
  • declaration tag
  • 9 Implicit Objects
  • Directive Elements
  • Exception Handling
  • Action Elements
  • Expression Language
  • MVC in JSP
  • JSTL
  • Custom tags
  • Interacting with database
  • Project Development in JSP

Module 18: Hibernate

  • Hibernate Configuration using XML and annotation.
  • Hibernate CRUD operation
  • Hibernate Query Language
  • Mapping One to One
  • One to many
  • Many to one
  • Many to Many
  • Fetching types

Module 19: Spring Framework

  • Basics of Spring
  • Spring with ORM
  • Spring 3 MVC
  • Login and Logout Application
  • CRUD Functions
  • Main Project
  • Spring Boot

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  • Full Stack Developer
  • J2EE-Developer
  • Java Architect
  • Java Analyst
  • Java AWS Lead/Expert
  • Backend Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Application Support Specialist
  • Server Development Engineer
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Java J2EE Internship/Course Details

Java J2EE We provide a variety of java courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, to help you carve out a career as a java developer. As a result, Java is one of the most popular programming platforms for developing enterprise applications. Many well-known companies, like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and others, use Java to develop their products. Many of the services that applications require to be dependable (such as group action management and monitoring) are built into J2EE. As a result, the primary focus of this course is on learning JAVA-based technologies. It enables programmers to create applications that work on both single-processor computers and multi-processor systems. J2EE is made up of a set of APIs. J2EE Course on {Location} comprises subjects that cover the most recent and greatest examples in real-time, all of which are meant to assist learners in landing the right job after completing the course. Because it is FREE, Open Source, Platform Freelance, and has a large Community Support Portal, JAVA has led the market in software development for decades. A garbage collector programme in Java is always used to collect unused memory addresses to improve the efficiency of a Java programme.

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The enviable salary packages and track record of our previous students are the proof of our excellence. Please go through our students' reviews about our training methods and faculty and compare it to the recorded video classes that most of the other institutes offer. See for yourself how TechnoMaster is truly unique.

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  • Deloitte | Location details: Al-Fujairah National Insurance Co. building - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates | Classification: Financial consultant, Financial consultant | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +971 9 222 2320
  • DentalClinics-AUST-FujairahCampus | Location details: E88 - الفجيرة - United Arab Emirates | Classification: Dental clinic, Dental clinic | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +971 9 222 2644
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The campus become constructed through the Federal Government as a part of the approach to enhance instructional possibilities in the smaller emirates. The Senior Section moved to a brand new campus in September 2003, accompanied through the Junior Section, comprising Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS), with Key Stages 1 and 2. The college follows the National Curriculum for England with lodging for subjects required through the Ministry of Education; Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies of UAE. The closing outside inspection become executed through Penta International in 2010. As one of the main inspection providers, Penta International reviews to the English Department for Education (DFE) at the quantity to which colleges meet the requirements for British Schools Overseas. Classes KG1 to Year four are oversubscribed. Students attending the college come from a number of socio-monetary backgrounds: although maximum are surprisingly affluent, the own circle of relatives does now no longer always have an academic historical past that helps the paintings of the college. Two college days had been monitored. The college become firstly based through HH The Ruler of Fujairah, as one of the first British system colleges withinside the UAE. The Lead Inspector become John Cranfield.

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